Old Dog, new trick.

So, here goes…

Why now?, why start a blog at my age?.

Well, this year my little baby ( OK, so not a baby she’s actually 4 now ) will start school, and as my man hulk has vito’d any more additions to our brood, I was forced to reflect on the ending of a very special time in my life… Child baring.img_0407.jpg

I found myself having conversations in my head, the pro’s and con’s that I could present to said vito’er, putting forward my case for more drains on our rather delicate resources. however he argues a pretty strong case, we’re not getting any younger, our kids are independent and do we want to give up another 3 yrs of sleep “not good for your eye bags love”, not to mention the health risks, right? Still I find myself mourning those perfect moments of newness, of excitement and love. So I needed something, something to distract me from blubbing at baby photo’s and browsing the ‘Next’ newborn section, a special something that I could scream out all of the feelings, both good and bad and preferably not drive my husband to divorce.

About 100 yrs ago, I was a nursery nurse,before I met Neil and started breeding, since then I have worked in childcare within different jobs, before deciding to become a sahm,(this is going somewhere, honest) and although I have loved the time and feel so lucky to have been able to stay home and raise my girls ( it has been a financial strain more than a few times) I have definitely felt disconnected from the rest of the world, and at times quite lonely.

Blogs, youtube & Instagram have been a salvation for me, feeling a connection to other Mums that feel just like me, talking about the truth behind motherhood, the good, the bad & the down right ugly.
These amazing women have inspired me to dust of the laptop, engage my dormant brain and have a go at being a blogger. I’m nothing special, no University degree or dare devil pre-children past, but i’m a happy chick,
img_3332.jpg I look for the positives in life and love to be around my girls.

I love to cook and strive to be healthy, which as i’m a fiendish chocoholic is a struggle.

So there it is, lil old me in a kid of verbal diarrhoea nutshell (I talk, a lot).

Thanks so much if you popped over to have a little read, it means so much, hope you’ll visit again soon.

Love & stuff

T xx

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