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Like many of you, Easter for us is about gathering the family together, eating overpriced chocolate for breakfast, and enjoying my Mums ‘epic’ lamb roast ( and I really do mean epic, the woman could feed an army).

We don’t go too heavy on the sweet stuff in our house though, as I am only too aware that they our happy little lovelies bouncing off of the walls are inevitably hit hard by a spectacular sugar crash, resulting in hateful little creatures for the rest of the day.         We are not totally void of fun however, and of course we give in to ‘pester power’ and provide our offspring with a chocolate egg each and a spring animal shaped confection with least a dozen ingredients I can’t pronounce ( I’m sure they’re healthy, right?)

blog easter lib

In our family, we don’t actively celebrate the tradition behind Easter, not because I don’t believe, but rather that I have a belief that my girls should find ( or not as the case may be) religion in their own way. They are aware of the Easter story and in fact many other stories from varying religions, and they are free to decide as they grow up, if religion is to be a part of their lives.

So to this years festivities, our youngestimg_4371.png and our nephew will be running around like rabid beasts looking for hidden eggs in Nanna’s garden while she cooks up a storm, our teen will presumably have her beautiful eyes glued firmly to her phone ( standard ), my Dad and man-child that is my husband will be commentating on some form of sport, and my Brother and I will be doing our very best to keep our glasses of G&T full ( OK that’s a lie to make me sound cool, it will be coffee…).

However you choose spend your Easter, I hope you’re happy and safe with the people you love around you.

Chat soon

T xx

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