20 Facts about me

Hi get to know me a little better with my 20 facts about me.

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1. I suffered 9 years of infertility between my two girls.


2. My family is everything to me and I would rather be with them than anyone else.


3. I love action movies and avoid anything that might make me cry.


4. My husband was made redundant, we lost our home, were declared bankrupt & tragically lost our longed for baby boy, all in the space of 6 months… We somehow made it through and it made us stronger.


5. My favourite colour is green.


6. I am totally addicted to chocolate, and find that it very much interferes with my desire to have a healthy diet.


7. I got my first tattoo for my 37th birthday and my second for my 38th.


8. My hair went grey at 23, and it grows so fast that I would need to dye it every two weeks to be ‘grey free’.


9. I literally cannot function without my morning coffee! Though I limit my caffeinated     coffee to 2 cups a day ( honestly ).




10 . I have an autoimmune disease [ psoriatic arthritis ] and deal with horrendous pain   in my hands and knees most of the time.




12. I am always on the go and find it hard to relax.


13. I am easily distracted… umm what was I saying?


13. I love to cook.


14. I love to sing & i’m not bad at it either.


15. I really dislike being late or feeling rushed, so I am almost always early for                     everything.


16. I am a real Daddy’s girl, he is my hero. I found out in January that my wonderful father had terminal Cancer, he passed away in August … It broke my heart.


17. I never wanted to be married or have children, but as my [now] husband wanted both, we met, married and had our first daughter all within 11 months. 14 years on I do believe it was the best decision we have ever made.


18. I don’t really like noise, I prefer things around me to be calm and quiet.


19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas.




20. My feelings run deep and I have ( probably too much) love for everyone, as a result of this I will always seek out kindness, and try to see the good in others.


“You must be the change, you want to see in the world”

.. Gandhi ..



Thanks for reading

T xx

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