Earth day 2017.. from the heart

So I’ve been thinking…

It’s taken me a few tries to start this post, you see, I feel passionately about this beautiful blue/green orb of ours and I so desperately want to be ‘that’ person who lives a perfectly green life, but the truth is, I’m seriously lacking. As a family, we recycle, keep our food waste down, turn off our appliances and lights and we keep our thermostat low.


We could do so much more. My children are very environmentally conscious, something I am very proud of, and my 4yr old always questions me, “why do people throw rubbish on the floor?” ( she has picked up litter and carried it home to our bin)IMG_4740 (2) & “why do people cut down trees if they help us to breath?”  When I answer I try to explain that some people just don’t care, a concept that she struggles to understand. As a parent I am blessed to be able to help raise the next generation, and I feel very responsible for the sorry state we are handing our planet over to them. I need to follow the example of my thoughtful children and try harder to make a difference.IMG_4743 (2)

I would like to make a pledge on Earthday 2017, that myself and my family will:-

  • Eat less meat
  • Use our feet more and car less
  • use re-usable water bottles
  • use re-usable straws
  • STOP using disposable coffee chain cups

I offer you all to talk with your families about what you can do to help our beautiful home, and leave it a better place for our children.


Chat soon

T xx

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