Summer wardrobe wishlist

Hello sunshine

It has been glorious here in the UK recently, and while we are not quite at the leg baring time of year just yet, It does make me want to start planning my summer wardrobe. To be honest, as a stay at home mum of two, and all of the costs that go along with that privilege, I don’t actually have the money to go and buy a new wardrobe every season, I mean, I wish, right Mums?. But… I have been browsing, internet window shopping if you will, and I have found some really lovely summer pieces. Now as I said, I am a ‘sahm’ (Cool abbreviation time) and definitely not a trend setter, but I do love clothes and want outfits that are both practical and that look good.

My ‘Mum’ style may not be for everyone, obviously, but these are some of the things that are floating my boat for Summer.

IMG_4665 (2)

Blue button jumpsuit £42.00 Topshop

IMG_4666 (2)

Floral ruffle jumpsuit £45.00 Band of Gypsies Topshop

IMG_4655 (2)

Embroidered mini dress £39.99 Zara

IMG_4645 (3)

Striped Bardot blouse £16.00 Matalan

IMG_4656 (2)

Plumetis frilly top £19.00 Zara

IMG_4660 (2)

Sienna pique blazer £109.00 Joules

Lets face it, we all love eyeing up new threads don’t we, and whether it be browsing or buying that desired new wardrobe to accompany the upcomming season, shopping just makes you feel great.

Chat soon

T xx

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