Girls Summer wardrobe wish list.

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my bog.

One of the perks of being a Mum of two daughters is summer wardrobe shopping. Although I do enjoy it more with my youngest daughter, mostly because she isn’t old enough to have much of an opinion on what she wears, which means I can still indulge my love of dressing her up in cute clothes without the tears and tantrums. I have tried and tested a fair few clothing brands over the years and In my opinion Next are the best for preschoolers, they are great value, wash incredibly well, and look stunning, what more could a Mum ask for.

Here I have put together my top picks for the Summer from Next…

outfit 1

Charcoal lace jumpsuit 3m-6y £12-£13 Ghillie sandals (younger girls) £15-£17



outfit 2

Blue ditsy print dress 3m-6y £20-£22 Pointelle trim cardigan 3m-6y £7-£8 Mary Janes (younger girls) £12-£14

outfit 3

blue/white bird embroidered cami set  3m-6y £18-£20


Monochrome short sleeve T-shirts 5 pack 3m-6y £16-£18


White embroidered blouse 3m-6y £8.50-£9.50 Printed trousers 3m-6y £9-£10



Grey jeggings 3y-16y £10-£16

outfit 7

Blue embroidered jeans 3y-16y £20-£26 Brown peep toe sandals (older girls) £19-£25

outfit 12

Pink 3/4 length pocket shirt 3m-6y £6.50-£7.50 Grey joggers 3m-6y £6.50-£7.50


POW sweatshirt 3m-6y £5.50-£6 Pink Tutu skirt 3m-6y £6-£6.50

top 1

Broderie blouse 3m-6y £12-£13

outfit 10

Blue/ecru stripe 3 piece set 3m-6y £17-£18

swim 1

Stripe frill swimsuit 3m-6y £12-£13


Denim star skate shoes (older girls) £16-£22


White laceless pumps (older girls) £17-£20

shoe 5

White woven T-bar shoes (older girls) £17-£20

With so many children’s clothing brands to choose from it can be hard to know which ones offer both value and quality, and as our little ones grow so fast, spending a small fortune every season is just too excessive for me, ( I mean let’s face it, they will have outgrown it in 5 minutes anyway) that’s why I always turn to Next for my daughters wardrobe staples and add in just one or two more luxurious items if she needs them. I do like my youngest to look nice, nothing wrong with that right? but I also like the outfits to be both hard-wearing and functional and that’s exactly what you get here for your £££.

Let me know if you’re a Next fan or the brands you love for children’s clothes as I’m always on the lookout for new places to try.

Chat soon

T xx





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