My weekend in Photos

Hi lovelies,

This weekend was spent with my family and I thought I would snap away and pop up a weekend in pictures post right here…


Good morning and happy Saturday ( at least it is as I write this), as a mum, I need this rather large caffeine hit in the morning or I wouldn’t ever get my proverbial arse in gear.


Most mornings here begin with Sky channel 620 (Nick Jr Too) so that I get my coffee in relative peace, I despise most of the characters but it’s a price I am willing to pay to stop my 4 yr olds morning verbal diarrhoea.


Our day was quiet and to be honest a bit boring, so when the man in my life offers KFC for dinner ( yeah not very healthy I know, but I don’t have to cook/wash up so what evs ) I threw the offspring in the car and we headed off for chicken gravy heaven.


Good morning Sunday early risers, no lay in here, but my main dude has become a legend and produced this ( toast, spinach, turkey bacon, eggs, hot sauce) for brekkie… #winning


The littlest female had just received a morning kiss from the pup, it was unexpected and brought all the giggles .. pretty sure he just wanted the stray bit of shredded wheat on her chin.



I am at that age now where I get immense pleasure from potted green things for the garden, this week it’s lavender, ┬áchamomile & lime mint, there will be many more as I love shopping and I have no self-control.



I got this lovely strawberry plant for a quid at Morrisons, anything to help the Bee’s!


We popped to our local garden centre for lunch and a pretty fabulous walk, I had a peppermint tea, which my husband informed me was f***ing disgusting and looked like pee, he’s such a peach.


Daydreaming …


L and Daddy feeding the ducks and geese, they were clearly not at all hungry (probably been fed a tonne of the stuff already today) but their perseverance was admirable.


Beautiful view from lunch, the sun was out, the Panini was delish and I enjoyed at least ten minutes free of moaning = happy Mum.


And this sleepy-eyed toy sack says it all, as always the weekend is gone in a flash, but let’s all put on our happy faces and kick Monday in the balls.

Chat soon

T xx

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