How I explain bad things to my children

I had another post planned for today, but in light of last nights shocking ‘terror attack’ at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, I wanted to write a post about how it feels to be a mother during times like these.

I am, you see, primarily a mother. I am the kind of mother who teaches her daughters about the world they are part of, to love the differences that make us special and not fear them, to ask questions, to not believe everything you hear from a voice of ‘authority’, to be respectful and kind, to love and protect one another despite what they may hear on the news, and most importantly to remember that we are all one race, ‘Human’.


When atrocities like this ‘the concert bombing’ happen, what do I tell them, how do I tell them that the world they love, is cruel, dark and full of evil? That there is danger at every turn. I want to wrap them up with me in my bed, tell them stories of happy things and happy places, and shield my innocent loving girls from the heartbreak of reality.

I wish our world was good, I wish we ( humans ) we’re good, I wish we were not greedy, materialistic and power-hungry. The truth is, that there are those among us whose souls are tainted, they think no further than themselves and I tell my children of these people, of how they are the scourge of our race.

Instead of giving time, fear and hate to those people, my girls, my husband and I, talk, we talk in length about the good in the world, of the good people ( better people than I  ) out there giving selflessly everyday to others, of the beauty of this planet we call home and all of the creatures it sustains, we talk about love, beauty and friendships, of warm seas and blue skies and we try to appreciate it all.

This morning in my sadness asked my youngest ( 4yo ) to ‘tell mummy 5 happy things about our world’, she replied without hesitation –

  1. my family
  2. no rubbish on the floor
  3. baby animals
  4. no wee’s in the sea
  5. LOVE

She filled up my heart and renewed my hope for the future, our children are born innocent, and the single most important job we as parents, and as a society have is to help them to stay that way.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims of this cowardly act and their families, lets all stand together and end the hate, racism and violence that’s destroying our humanity.

#Manchester #lovenothate


‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’

Albus Dumbledore

Thank you for reading, hold your children close and spread a little love today.

T xx

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