Weekly meal plan no.4

Hi guys.

It’s that time of the week again. We are keen, as a family, to be more adventurous with our evening meals, but as I have mentioned before, I lack the inspiration… I do try to keep it a bit of a mixed bag, but some weeks we end up having one or two things that we had the week before, often because I have left writing the list until 10pm the night before I shop. So here is this weeks plan:

Monday –       Prawn curry with basmati rice

Tuesday –       Baked potatoes with various fillings and salad

Wednesday – Chorizo and asparagus risotto ( as last week )

Thursday –      Toad in the hole with broccoli and broad beans

Friday –          Teriyaki salmon with noodles

Saturday –      Steak sandwich with corn on the cob

Sunday –         Roast chicken, Jersey royal potatoes, broccoli and asparagus


Again, there are some meals that my youngest will just refuse, she will only eat sauces if they come in the form of passata or gravy, so Mon, Wed & Fri, she will have, pasta pesto, fish fingers, chips and baked beans, & sausages with mashed potato, sweetcorn and peas… I am aware that it looks as though I skimp on the nutritional meals for my little one, but she does in fact eat a healthy lunch of – cheese, raw broccoli, raw peppers, raw baby corn & chicken – with a chaser of actimel kids, every single day ( creature of habit ) so I don’t sweat the fish finger dinners at all.

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