Weekly meal plan no.5

Hi guys.

Here we are again, that came around quickly. This week I tried not to use any of last weeks meals as it’s getting very boring. our weekly planning can be a major source of drama in our house, so I usually start thinking about my list on a Tuesday to shop on a Friday, it literally takes me that long.


Monday –        whole-wheat pasta with pesto and a green salad

Tuesday –        BBQ Pulled pork tacos with pico de gallo

Wednesday –  Homemade Scotch eggs, chips and baked beans

Thursday –     Chicken escalope with jersey royal potatoes & salad 

Friday –          Cauliflower cheese with bacon and breadcrumbs 

Saturday –     Haddock, roasted jersey royal potatoes with mango & cashew salad

Sunday –        Out for dinner


This week my eldest daughter will be helping with Wednesdays dinner, she will be making the scotch eggs as she is a great little cook and also it’s nice for me to have a little company in the kitchen.

The recipe she will be using is:

8 Cumberland sausages ( meat squeezed out of skins )

6 slices of wholemeal bread ( into crumbs )

1/2 tsp herbs de provence

1/4 tsp salt

1 medium egg ( beat and dip before crumbing )

4 medium hard boiled eggs

1 tbl sp rapeseed oil  ( mix in with bread crumbs before coating meat )

cook on 180 for about 30-40 mins

Hope you have a go at these, they are so easy to make and really delicious.

Thanks for reading

T xx

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