Daily exercise routine

Hey guys.

I have been thinking about blogging my exercise routine for a little while now, but I’ve been putting it off because I quite literally hate how I look in the pictures. I’m not the young, toned 21 yr old anymore, and I find it hard to relate to the wobbly 37 yr old I see in the mirror. My husband picked me up on the fact that, hating how I look is exactly why I’m exercising in the first place and not to be so silly as I am, at least, doing something about it. He is right of course ( shit, I hate when he is ) there are so many women who feel the same as me, and they might just appreciate seeing a real woman exercising, jiggly bits and all.

I have also mentioned before that I suffer with PsA ( Psoriatic arthritis ) an autoimmune disease, this makes exercise hard and painful, there are days where the idea of working out is too much, and there are things that I just cannot do, like at the moment I can’t bear any weight on my wrists and hands, so lifting weights is out, It’s the days like these that I have to try even harder to drag my chunky arse off the sofa and ‘Just do something’, anything is better than nothing, right?

This is my current routine, It’s an everyday workout and I do the whole thing 3 times over.


high knees – 100

leg swings – 20 each leg

lunges – 20 each leg

ice – skaters – 25

Squats – 50

slow stomach crunches – 10

plank – as long as possible 







Being healthy is important! As a mum, I often hear myself going on about the importance of eating good food, and I am always telling my girls to get off the iphone/pad/pod or away from the Tv, but I definitely struggle to find the motivation and willpower to take my own advise ( I’ve inhaled 1/2 of a giant bar of Cadbury’s whilst writing this). When I wake up with poor mobility and pain, it’s easy to start making excuses why I ‘can’t work out today’, but I have to dig deep, kick my own ass, and get moving.

Strive to be better every day!

I found a great fitness inspiration on YouTube called Lucy Wyndham-Read and I have mixed some of her exercises here, she’s so experienced and fun, check her out…


YouTube – Lucy Wyndham-Read

Thanks so much for reading


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