What does my 4yr old eat in a day

Hey guys, welcome back to my little blog…

I love reading/ watching vids about what people eat, I find it both interesting and inspiring. As you know, I am definitely lacking in culinary inspiration, and I am eternally grateful to the mums, dads and, well anyone else that posts dreamy, drool worthy photos and videos of their most recent masterpiece.

The content I find most helpful, contains the meals that feed our more difficult family members, the children… dun dun dun! My youngest is 4 and is the most ‘picky’ member of the family. Now don’t get me wrong, she loves fruit and vegetables ( preferably raw) and enjoys ‘eating the rainbow’ daily, but she is fussy with texture and sauces, and it’s caused more than a few meal time meltdowns, so this is what my little darling has eaten today and this is very typical of the food she has deemed acceptable.




Wholemeal toast, butter and strawberry jam, she also had an ‘Ella’s kitchen’ fruit pouch on the way to nursery.

Nursery snack today was – an apple slice, naan bread slice and watermelon 

After nursery treat


L loves these, and they are a better option than the usual sweeties. She does have ‘real sweets’ sometimes, but I prefer these.



L calls this ‘bits and pieces’ and asks for a variation of this every day, today she has carrot, cucumber, Monterey jack cheese, sliced baguette with real butter, and yes more watermelon, the final plate depends daily on whats in the fridge.

Afternoon snack


Ummm yeah, more watermelon.



Whitby seafoods lemon and pepper cod goujons, sweetcorn, mange tout, green beans and sweet potato mash.


Tonight L’s dinner was different to ours as we had sweet potato topped fish pie, and she WILL NOT eat her fish in a sauce *insert annoyed mum face here.

Thanks for reading

T xx

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