20 Things I’m grateful for

Hey lovely ones.

This world of ours can be a dark place sometimes and what with all of the bad news in, well, the news recently,  I thought I would try to bring a little sunshine with the ’20 things I’m grateful for’.

  1. My children & husband ( obvs ).
  2. My amazing family.
  3. Our NHS, for the wonderful care they are giving my Dad.
  4. My little house, it might be tiny, rented & in need of tlc, but its my home.
  5. Being able to be a SAHM.
  6. Coffee ( see no’5).
  7. Having the money to buy healthy food to nurture my family ( & also sweeties ).
  8. Living in a culturally diverse country, so that my girls can learn that there is more to the world than what you see at home.
  9. Technology – from laptop’s & tv’s to wifi & iphone’s/pad’s/pod’s – making the world a little more connected.
  10. My dog for showing me unconditional love.
  11. My cat for reminding me that even bully’s ( that would be her) need love and understanding.
  12. My beautiful nephew, who happens to have ASD,  for showing me how to never let anything stand in your way.
  13. For my parents raising us to be so open to the world.
  14. My little garden, full of life.
  15. Education, and my girls love for it.
  16. My brother – and his brain. We call him ‘the Oracle’ and he has a thirst for knowledge, he is my biggest inspiration.
  17. My friends, they are few, but they are the best.
  18. Modern medicine, for helping to control my PsA & lead a normal life.
  19. My grey hair, for reminding me that growing old is a privilege, that not everyone gets.
  20. My little blog, for giving me the creative outlet that I have needed for so long.

‘I still remember the day’s when I prayed for what I have now’

– unknown

I hope this inspires you to think of the things in your life that you are grateful for, reminds you that there is always a little good in the world.

Thanks for reading.




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