Festival season

Hey guys

So we are now, well and truly into ‘festival season’, and parents all over social media, are frantically packing about a squillion £’s worth of gear, and checking off their lists, in preparation to take their brood on the fun packed weekend of their dreams.

If I sound a little jealous, it’s because I bloody am!

I’ll let you into a little secret, I have NEVER been to a festival, a fact that actually bothers me. I see friends excitedly planning and packing for their chosen fest, and social media is ablaze with happy families roaming barefoot around a field in the sunshine, (or rain and mud in the case of ‘Bestival), eating organic everything, making memories and, well generally, having the time of their lives. *whinges like a small child, I really wanna go!

I have always fancied taking my girls to either Camp Bestival or The Big Feastival. You see at 4 and 14 yrs old, they are not at all interested in the same things, so planning summer holiday outings and trips can be fraught with stress, and festivals like these look like a real life saver. It seems as though there is much to do, for children of all ages and parents too. The price though, has often put me off, as it can cost a bomb just for the tickets ( the cost of a small holiday actually), not to mention the camping gear, spending money and obv the obligatory need for new clothes – ahem but that might just be me.

However, every year the festival season comes & goes and again, I feel grumpy about being left out of the fun club. Next year ( I may have said this before ) I am definitely going. And so in the spirit of the season, here are some of the best festivals yet to happen in the UK as listed by the fab http://www.mumsnet.com



  • Green Man… 17th – 20th August Brecon Beacons Wales


  • Beautiful days… 18th – 20th August Escot park Devon


  • Just So… 19th – 21st August Cheshire


  • Shambala 24th – 27th August Northamptonshire


  • The Big Feastival.. 25th – 27th August The Cotswold


If you and your family are heading to one of these fab events, then I hope you all have a great time, I will live vicariously through you & enjoy your wonderful pics on the old Insta, but if like me you’re not, then ‘next year’ we will go, right?

Thanks for popping over.

T xx


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