A letter to my daughter On your first day at school


My darling little babe.

I cannot believe this time has come, already, it’s time for you to go off to school. I am sorry if mummy seems a little sad, you see, you are my baby! I know you feel like a big girl, I know you are ready for this next challenge & I know you will take it all in your stride as always, but, my love, the thing is.. I am not ready.

I have tried my best to soak up all of those special moments over the last 5 years, when you fed from my breast and looked up at me with so much love, when you learned to crawl and walk, when you cuddled inside my jumper to be as close to me as you could, when we bake together, our special bedtime stories and every perfect moment in between, but time has flown, turned those moments into memories, and I am sad.

I am sad to say goodbye to those days, when it was just me and my feisty little girl, my loving, caring, baby-faced little girl. You see, you are my last baby my darling, and as we celebrated all of your firsts, mummy mourned all of the lasts. The last baby I would feed, the last toddler I would teach and the last bedtime stories I will read, It has been my greatest pleasure to raise you so far, but I guess now is the time that we must both be brave, and step forward  together.

Though this is a moment I have looked to with dread, your excitement has warmed my heart.

You cannot wait, can you little bear!

I must follow your lead, I must join in your new adventure with all of the love, patience and enthusiasm that I always have, and I must not dwell on the you that was.

I will look forward now, not with a sense of anxiousness, but with a feeling of wonder.

I know that the moments we are yet to have together, will be as beautiful as before,  I will get to know the new you as you grow, and I will love this version of you as furiously as I have always done.

My baby girl you are – and that you will always be.

You will be amazing my love, you will shine at school. You are so bright and so desperate to learn, you are competitive and strong, with a heart so big it fills everyone you meet, I am so proud of you and eagerly await the next chapter of your story.

With all of the love in my heart, my precious baby girl

Mummy xxx


‘Ill love you forever

I’ll like you for always

As long as i’m living

My baby you’ll be

An Excerpt from ‘Love you forever’ by Robert Munsch



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T xx

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