Why Sunday Is My Day


So we all know that, as parents, we should spend a little more time looking after ourselves right?


But the truth is, that whether you are working or a stay at home parent & whether they’re younger or older, looking after kids, takes up all of our precious ‘free time’, And finding the time for yourself is usually at the bottom of your mammoth ‘to do’ list.



I have really made an effort lately, to start treating my-self with the same importance as I treat the rest of my family, and that means, not always putting my-self last, I mean ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ can you. Now I wish it was possible for me to whisk myself off whenever I like, for a spa day, or a quiet night in a remote cosy cabin, with nothing but a book and a bottle of wine, but in reality I can’t, but I can book myself in to the bathroom every Sunday night.




I indulge by wallowing in a ridiculously hot bath with some rose petals thrown in, light some candles, pop on some spa music, and put a big fat DO NOT DISTURB on the door..





This might not seem much, but it really helps me, not only to unwind from the weekend, but to energize for the week ahead. I adore my children, but they do, in some way or another, require my attention all day, and I find this ‘ME TIME’ essential, so that I can click back into Mum mode on Monday morning feeling like I can handle whatever it throws at me.




I am rarely a shouty Mum ( that’s a lie, I shout all the time ) but I found that before I scheduled in time to take care of myself, I would very easily lose my s**t, and often it was over silly things. Now I try to recognise when I need a break and remind myself that I deserve it too.

Everyone has an equally important role to play and you need to find what works for you. In our house, my husband goes out to work, and then uses the gym to unwind, so when he’s at home with us he is prepared for the verbal diarrhoea that comes with living in a house of girls, for me being a ‘stay at home Mum’ and blogger, my work is spread throughout the whole day, and so I needed to be firm and set aside a specific time that was all my own.

Leave a comment to let me know what you do to unwind.

chat soon

T xx



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