5 Top tips for a stress free bedtime

Being a Mum of two daughters, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights and bed time tantrums. Over the last 14 years I have come to realise that all I needed were these 5 simple tips to ensure a drama free, relaxed bedtime that won’t leave you pulling out your hair or reaching for the Gin ( although that is not at all frowned upon in our house ).

Tip 1

Story time




I know you’re probably thinking ‘that’s not exactly news’, but, for us at least, It is an integral part of our bed time routine. I find that a great story can either excite or calm a child. I love books, and both of my girls love them too ( the husband, not so much ), so I try to read to my youngest every night, as I did with my eldest until she was much older.


Tip 2 

Fill the room with a calming scent



We have tried a few different essential oils, but we found out, kind of by accident, that vapour rub in boiling water works the best for L. My brother actually recommended it, to be melted in a jar and kept in the bed room for 15 minutes before bed and then until it cools, to help with congestion, and she slept so well that we use it often to help if she can’t sleep.


Tip 3

Cuddle time




We NEVER miss this step. Without cuddle time, L will not even get into bed. It’s a chance for her to get out the last few wriggles ( or bounce on my bed ) and tell me all about her day, a treat she leaves until bedtime after an afternoon of saying that she couldn’t remember what she’d done at school all day, it’s quite nice for me to, they want to cuddle less as they get older, so i’ll take what I can get.


Tip 4

A night light



Sorry, terrible photo, but you get the idea. We bought ours from Home Bargains for £3.99, it’s a lovely pink turtle that projects the moon and stars on to the walls and ceiling. L reached the ‘I’m scared of everything’ stage and that included the dark, so this was a life saver for us, it switches it’s self off after they nod off and she feels much safer with it on.


Tip 5

Adopt a monster






L became convinced that she had a monster under her bed, and no matter what I told her, she firmly believed there was a beastie under there. So… I told her that we were going to adopt a baby monster of her own, one that could make it’s home under her bed, and she loved the idea. She decided on a name ‘Mary’, we made her some Monster food ( granola ),  and then we waited for her to arrive. Of course as you all know, baby monsters arrive at night and are far to shy to be seen by people, but she did leave a lovely letter for L, telling her that she loved her new home and that she felt safe now a big person was taking care of her.. Problem solved!




These tips have really worked for us, but of course every child is different, why not share in the comments, the tips that worked for you and your child.

T xx

10 thoughts on “5 Top tips for a stress free bedtime

  1. wanderlustandwetwipes says:

    I love the monster idea! I’ll definitely keep that in the back pocket in case we ever get a monster issue! I honestly thing there are some things that work better than others but that the most important thing is the routine so you all know what you are doing. We have had the same routine since DS was 6 weeks old – he’s now 5.5 with a 3.5 yo sister!

    Liked by 1 person

    • litolmaeandlolly says:

      So true, both of my girls are pretty good sleepers, I think she’s just going through a phase ( just started school and lost Grandad, so lots of change) had to think on my feet, I think routine is just as important for us, as it is for them. Thanks lovely xx

      Liked by 1 person

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