My 5 hot lipsticks for the school run

Let’s all be honest here.. We all like to look good at the school gates don’t we?


Turning up to drop off your little poppet, looking like a fresh bag of hell, can be met with ” oooh are you poorly” or ” oh gosh, are you OK?” And none of us want to be responsible for terrifying school children or causing the playground hierarchy to lose their breakfast ( Which I think would be a fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan brioche or something like that!  Anyway I digress ).


I, at the very least, like to pop on a little lippy for the morning trip. I’m a little older than most of the mums and with that comes a teensy bit more confidence when not giving a **** what people think, cue Mac Lady Danger ( insert heart eyes here )… I have had a few stares when I rock up at 8:40 am with a bright red lip, but I’m willing to bet that not one of them noticed my saggy eye bags – objective achieved!


So if you can spare 30 seconds in the morning between, ” I’m still hungry” & ” I need to pee” then these 5 school run lippy’s might be for you. They not only draw attention away from tired mum eyes, but take no time at all to apply,  with an added bonus of making you feel pretty bloody fab-u-lous!


5 Hot Lipsticks for the School Run


1.  Mac Matte – Lady Danger ( no’ A75 )




2.  W7 Mega Matte lips – Oddball





3.  Estee lauder Shimmer gloss – Garnet Desire ( no’ 15 )





4.  Mac – Ruby Woo ( no’ 18 )





5.  Mac Matte – Sweet & Sour ( no’ A17 )








In the bullet/tube


Well ladies ( or fellas if you like a lippy ), I hope you like this, leave in the comments what your fave fun lipstick is.


T xx

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































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