Family recipe amazing chorizo and squash risotto

It’s getting super chilly here in the UK now, Autumn is finally establishing itself, and I’m ready to file my summer menus and start preparing some more hearty dinners for the fam.

We love casseroles, cassoulets, stews, soups but a total fave of ours is the humble risotto. You can be as creative as you like with this satisfying rice dish and I really do love mixing things up and making new exciting flavour combinations.


Here is my delicious, autumnal risotto with roasted squash and chorizo.


You will need 

1 white onion


1 sml glass of white wine


1 squash


2 cloves of garlic ( grated or crushed )


1 bag of arborio rice ( 500g )


1 chorizo sausage ( as much as you like really )


2 stock cubes ( I’ve used chicken for this recipe )






Chop, de-seed and large dice your squash, then put it in a roasting pan, add a little oil, salt and pepper, then pop into a pre-heated oven at 180* for about 20 mins ( but keep an eye on it, I cook this ahead of time so that it’s ready when I need it ).



Dice the white onion and sweat it off in a large saucepan with a little oil, until it becomes translucent and tender.


Add in the garlic and stir.


Add in the chorizo and cook until it lets out its juices and starts to crisp up.


Add in your squash and warm through.


Pour in your rice ( I use the whole bag as I cook for 4 people and then lunches for my husband for work – winning )


Stir the rice around for a minute or so, just to coat in all of the juices.


Meanwhile boil the kettle and add the 2 stock cubes to about 1 ltr of boiling water ( note* I use approx 1 ltr of stock, but sometimes it takes a bit more, then I just use the boiled kettle water )


No begin adding the stock to the rice mixture, I add about 2 ladles at a time and stir continuously until absorbed.


Keep doing this until all of the stock is absorbed, the rice is smooth, creamy and al dente.


heap into bowls and serve.

  • we sometimes add a little freshly grated Parmesan over the top.


Et voila …



I hope you liked this recipe, do give it a try, risotto is such a versatile dish and even my fussy 4 yr old devours it, leave comments telling me what your fave Autumnal recipe it.


T xx

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