Our Sunday in pictures a walk in the woods


My whole family have been ill for over a week, and just as I was about to paint a Biblical style red ‘X’ on the front door, my husband said that maybe It’s time to get outside and blow away the bugs.. ( he’s slightly less dramatic than me ).

We’re really lucky to live in the countryside and are never far from fields and walk ways. So ‘If’ we want to get outside, we load up the kids, dog and wellies and head in to the woods, for a run about.

WARNING – Do not try this with children, unless you want to bring home 4.5 tonnes of “treasure” in your pockets!



Here’s our Sunday in pictures




Obligatory welly shot




The lesser spotted Teen




Can I jump up and down in muddy puddles? ( F***ing Peppa Pig )




Slightly failing at the poncy sitting on a log pose












We got as muddy as hell and the dog needed a bath, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks Sunday!


T xx


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