5 amazing places I can’t wait to visit

As my husband and I decided to start a family quite young, we put ‘travelling’ on the back burner until our family was complete – so apart from holidays in the UK, which were the occasional Center Parcs stay, Sun newspaper hols ( value for money there ) and a dream trip to Disney world resort Florida when our eldest was 5 ( 9 years ago ), we haven’t been abroad at all, something I really want to change over the next few years.


So here is my bucket list of places that I can’t wait to visit with my family.


Tuscany –


photo sourced from – The Telegraph

Tuscan views – achingly spectacular, If I am asked where would I holiday right now, I will always say Tuscany. I see myself & my husband on a warm sun stained veranda, in-front of me are cheeses, breads, wine and views of rolling hills and beautiful buildings, our eldest face deep in a book, and the little – running around in the warm evening sun. I can almost feel it’s healing ambience.


Disney world resort Florida – 

disney day

photo sourced from – Disney Parks

Do I even need to explain? Since our last visit here 9 yrs ago, I have been dreaming of the day that I can get my Disney loving butt back there. Daughter no 1 was with us the first time and was quite ‘meh’ about the whole Magic Kingdom, which obv disappointed me no end.. FF 9 years and we have daughter no 2 who is obsessed with all things princess and I am literally chomping at the bit to get her there, and envelope us all in a little Disney magic.


Canada – 


photo sourced from – Lonely Planet

Oh Canada! you beautiful specimen. This country is stunning, with both beautiful crisp, clear waters and mind-blowing mountains, this really is the place that dreams are made of, it also happens to be home to my favourite animal – the grey wolf – and many more beautiful mammals including, grizzly bears, caribou, coyotes, black bears and polar bears… to name a few.


Norway – 


photo sourced from – The Telegraph

OK so this is a bit of a no brainer really. Northern lights, alpine skiing & crystal clear fjords WOW! I’m not always drawn to hot countries for holidays, I really would rather go somewhere that captures my imagination and takes my breath away.


Gstaad – 


photo sourced from – Google

And last, but by no means least

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to switzerland, in particular the completely gorgeous Gstaad. This holiday region is made up of 10 chalet villages and boasts ” an unparalleled range of leisure activities”, all this with the most breath-taking views, and I’m swooning all the way to the travel agent.


I really cannot wait until we are able to start checking these beauties off of the bucket list!

What are the places you love to visit?


T xx


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