The Autumn Tag

I have been tagged by the gorgeous Hanna from Little Snippets  to take part in the ‘Autumn Tag’.


As Autumn is totes my fave ( possibly too old for the youth slang, but I’m using it anyway), so I thought this would be a fun little post, I will tag 3 bloggers in at the end of the post, so do go along and check them and their fab blogs out.


Here we go:


1. What is your favourite Autumnal lip?

My ultimate fave lip is Lady danger by Mac.


2. What is your favourite Autumnal nail colour?

My fave nail colour is Revlon – Colorstay Gel Envy – in the colour ‘Queen of hearts’ (no’600). It’s a gorgeous deep red/ox blood and gives a long-lasting gel effect ( *use a base coat first as it stains )


3. Favourite Autumnal drink?

Starbucks, Decaff, soya, Pumpkin spice latte, no cream… ‘Cause i’m basic. ( *yeah definitely too old )


4. Favourite Autumnal candle?

Wickford & Co Gingerbread candle. I buy it from Home Bargains, and a bargain it is. It’s just £3.99 for a large jar and it fills my whole house with the delicious smell of gingerbread.


5. Favourite Autumnal accessory?

This has to be my new pale pink,long line coat from New look, a steal at only £25-


6. Haunted house or scary maze?

Ummm Nope!

I am such a coward with this sort of thing. I would not only be scared during the whole damn thing, but I would dwell on it at bed time too, so I tend to stay away from these kinds of thing.


7. Favourite Halloween movie?

Now, having said that I am way too much of a baby to engage in anything scary, I have actually seen a fair few scary movies… from behind the sofa obvs – My fave is a bit of a throw back to when horror was cheesy and it’s Freddy 5 – Dream child ( from the Freddy Kruger series ), I watched the first movie when I was about 8 at a friend’s house and had awful nightmares for 2 years, so didn’t watch anymore until I was about 19 and discovered no 5 was pretty cool!


8. Favourite Halloween sweets?

I’m not much of a sweetie lover, but I am a total chocoholic, and so my fave Halloween treat has to be Cadbury’s ‘scream egg’ like a creme egg but without the yolk colour in the fondant.. Yummmmmmmmmmm


9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Well, at 38 I don’t get invited to many Halloween parties anymore ( sadly ), back in my late teens, I made a real effort with my fancy dress, even having a devil costume made for me and ending up in our local paper ( * buffs fingernails smugly ). So if I was going out in the fancy, then I would definitely opt for a cat, all black with long flat boots, nice and comfy.


10. What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

For me it’s that feeling of comfort that Autumn brings, warm spiced drinks with friends, candles, cuddles under cosy blankets and a much more flattering wardrobe.


Thanks for reading my Autumn Tag ( how many times can I say Autumn in one bloody post ) .


The fab bloggers I tag are –

Claire from  Babiestotsteens 

Vicky from The MummyBubble

Aleena from  MummyMamaMum 

Please do go and check them out, they’re all pretty awesome.


T xx

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