No chocolate November day 2

No chocolate November – journal – Day 2


Hey guys. 

I am 2 days into my no choc November, and I’m already feeling the pull. It amazes me that even though I know how bad it is for me to eat so much, I struggle to stop myself, the sugar addiction is strong in me. Now having said that I am still going strong, I know it’s obviously very early days, but I think I feel bolstered by having people read my journey as I go along.


How I’m feeling today –


Good actually, considering I’ve been up since 5:30, I am only just starting to feel tired now ( 7pm) and I normally have either a 3pm or 5pm slump, could this be the lack of sugar??? I have had so much energy today, this could, of course, just be coincidental, but I will see if it continues, if I remember from last time, I have the worst symptoms to come.


The only negative so far has been a little heart burn, cravings & a little break out, so all in all, it’s so far so good.


Thanks for checking in, come back tomorrow to see if it’s has started to take its toll.


T xx


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