9 things I want my daughters to know


As a mother of daughters & obviously a woman myself, I am more than aware, that the world they will grow up is a little tough on the female of the species. Do I believe that all boys are gifted opportunities just because they’re born the correct sex? No! I think that there are trials ahead for both sexes, but I do feel that some girls grow up believing that we are weaker, that we must take the lower wage, that it’s a ‘mans world’ and we are just here to decorate it, and that, I have an issue with.

I want my girls to grow up knowing that they are capable of anything, and that there are opportunities out there to help them to achieve their dreams, as long as they’re brave and willing to work hard.



Here are the 9 things that I want my daughters to know



You are loved in a way you cannot imagine, no matter what happens in your life, that, my darlings, will never change.


Always stay true to yourself and your beliefs, life is precious, never compromise that.


You reap what you sow – work hard and you will enjoy the benefits.


Life is not fair, but don’t whine about it, change it!


Care and be kind – the world is full of prejudice, racism & sexism, don’t add to the hate, be the good you look for in the world.


There is a big world out there – see it, learn from it.


You need stability so that you can enjoy freedom! Build a stable life for you and your family, and then you can see the world and still have a life to come back to – We gave you roots, so that you could enjoy your wings.


It’s OK to take care of you.. don’t apologise for needing alone time to recharge, you’re worth it, you can’t poor from an empty cup.


Don’t ever hold back, not for us, not for anyone, you have one life, you owe it to yourself to make it a great one!


I feel a huge responsibility to raise both strong independent woman, and also women that care, nurture & love. There is balance to be had, and I hope that that’s what they create for them selves. I am privileged to raise 2 intelligent, kind and forward thinking girls, the world is lucky to have them.


Thanks so much for reading, please leave a comment, letting me know what you’d like your children to know.


T xx

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