No chocolate November day 12

Quite honestly, yesterday was pretty much consumed with cravings.


I forgot how long it takes to overcome the need for sugar. I ate really badly all day because all I really wanted was the bloody chocolate.


I started to get a little angry to be honest, I hate that I’m so weak and reliant on the damn stuff. I kept telling myself that ‘i’m a grown up’, and that ‘I am perfectly capable of going without chocolate’, but the truth is, that I’m not actually sure that I am, I was starting to think that I will always be hooked on it. I definitely think that the time of year is affecting my ability to abstain, it is so hard to stop eating something at a time where the shops are literally throwing it at you.


As the whole day had been a bit stressful ( me being a total grump ), I wasn’t holding out much hope for my witching hour, but it wasn’t so bad, I did still have the pangs of chocolaty desire, but not to the point of wanting to murder, so I’ll take any little victories I can.


I was hoping to wake up today feeling a bit less of a misery, full of energy and ready to kick these stinking cravings in the arse, come back and check in with me tomorrow to see how I did!


T xx

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