No chocolate November Day 15

Hello lovelies.

I almost gave in yesterday…

I mean, who would know right?

I’m not sure how I stopped myself, but after saying that I had it sussed, and could walk past chocolate in a shop now and it didn’t bother me, I came undone a bit. I went into B&M and walked past the pick ‘n’ mix, all was fine, went round the corner and was confronted by the wall of chocolate, every variety you can think of, and after 2 weeks of abstinence, I was the closest I’ve been to caving.

I so desperately wanted to deconstruct a twix, suck on a reeses peanut butter cup ’til my mouth was glued shut, or maybe just put my face in a jar of Nutella, any one of them could’ve tipped me over the edge today, but somehow I managed to stop my chubby little hand from grabbing my body weight in confectionary.

Like I said though, I could have done it, I could have given in and no one would know, I could just pretend it never happened and you would all be none the wiser, I mean you only have my word to go on that I’m doing this at all, for all you know I could be sat in a bath of M&Ms drinking liquid Galaxy with kinder egg chasers, all the while writing of my struggle to give up my beloved choccy for a month…

Mmmmmm choccy –

Fear not, I am of course sticking to my self-imposed choc ban, if for nothing more than proving to myself that I can control my sugar/chocolate addiction, and so far I’m winning the battle.

So that was day 15, half way through and the day that I almost threw in the towel!

Taking it one day at a time.

See you tomorrow.

T xx

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