Eat clean for 30 days couples challenge

I don’t know about you, but I seem to fall off of the ‘healthy eating’ wagon rather easily. I fill my own head with the usual self-sabotaging lies, ‘this is my last treat’, ‘i’ll start again in the morning’,  ‘oh well I’ve had one biscuit, so I might as well binge all day’… and so on. My husband is actually much more disciplined than me and goes regularly to the gym, however – I am my family’s resident sweet provider. If I feel the ‘need’ for chocolate, as I often do, I will venture out for not only my treats, but return with an obscene amount of sweets, chocs, biscuits and whatever else seems to be near the til or on offer.

So having had 2 weeks off together and us both feeling heavy, unhealthy, tired and in pain. the husband chirped up with “why don’t we do 30 days without the junk we eat?” “Challenge each other and see how we feel at the end of it?”img_5652

Now, I’d like to point out that he is in-fact more than happy with how I look, what he’s not happy with is MY constant MOANING that I have a fat arse, saggy belly and chunky thighs, not to mention MY complaining about the daily pain I struggle with due to an auto immune condition ( which is almost certainly exacerbated by my sugar consumption and poor diet choices ). I knew that this idea was coming from a place of self-determination and desire for me to make myself happy and well, so I was in.

My biggest concern was my total lack of will power.

I am, as previously stated, my own worst enemy and saying that I’ll do it is simply not enough to make me commit. So I’ve decided to daily blog for the whole 30 days of our challenge, just as I did last year for my ‘No chocolate November’, knowing that this will keep me on the straight and narrow.

I will aim to add daily, our meals, exercise and thoughts ( good or bad ), and will add, just for reference, our body measurements and weight both before and after the 30 days.

I would love you to pop in daily to check on our progress and keep us going, I really am hoping that this will be the kick up the bum I need to get myself into top condition.


See you tomorrow for day 1, weight & measurements.


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