Eat clean for 30 days couples challenge day 1

So here we are, day 1..

I was ready to wake, full of enthusiasm this morning, but it seems that I’ve picked up a virus and I’m feeling sluggish with low energy. I am however choosing to see this as part of the challenge, and I fully plan to stick to my guns and not go all sugar/carb crazy to ease my ailing body!


This was written yesterday at mid day. I got home from work and made myself eggs with avocado, that’s a good start right? But then without thinking about it I added a bagel! Urgh…

I was, as I said before, feeling quite ill and my body needed comfort, so I gave in. This wasn’t so bad ( or so I told myself ), as it was still a pretty good lunch, not ‘clean’ but still not the worst.

I managed to drag myself through the rest of the day felling full, satisfied and not tempted to snack, until I went to put the little to bed that is. I came downstairs to a quite the array of chocolatty treats! Our teen had asked her Dad – oh let’s be familiar shall we and use his name, Neil  ( I just can’t keep typing ‘Their Dad’ or  ‘The Husband’) If he would take her to the shop for a “little something”.


A little something is definitely not what they got, the treats were as follows :

1 x pack of 4 boost bars

1 x tub of Morrisons chocolate brownies

1 x tub of Morrisons millionaires shortbread

1 x bag of giant choc buttons

What the …..

OK let’s be honest here, she obviously gets it from her Mother right! And true to form, Neil and I happily announced that we’d help demolish the snacks and, wait for it, “Start properly tomorrow”!

Now I could have deceived you all and said that it all went swimmingly and we were almost saint like in our dedication to eat pure and clean, but I’m just not wired that way, and I will never lie.

So there it is folks, the cold hard truth of sugar addiction.

We are trying again to make today ‘Day 1’ and that post will go up tomorrow.

Keep everything crossed for us to not give in again.

T xx



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